Women Adventurers: Out of Our Corsets and Into the Woods

Presented by: Denise Mitten, Ph.D.

Length of Webinar: 1 hour

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Webinar Description:
How many examples of female pioneers in outdoor leadership can you offer?  Not many? How can we inspire women in the outdoors if we can't teach about inspiring women in the outdoors?  

This well-researched, informal presentation looks at women adventures from the 1800s to the present. Learn about women you can use in your teaching and everyday conversation. Women highlighted include indigenous women, women of color, and physically challenged women as well as women from a variety of economic class backgrounds. Explore what motivated these adventurers and leaders, why some never recorded their adventures, and why others wrote about them 20 or more years later. 

Presenter Bio:
Denise Mitten, PhD is the Chair of the Masters in Adventure Education at Prescott College and on the PhD faculty for their Education for Sustainability Program.  She is also a widely experienced adventure guide, from SCUBA to mountaineering, she has led climbs on Mt. McKinley, in the Swiss Alps, and in the Himalayas and has guided raft and kayak trips down the Colorado, Green, and Rio Grand Rivers.  She has taught rock climbing, skiing and whitewater canoeing, and led bicycle trips in Europe, New Zealand, and the U.S.  

Dr. Mitten, internationally recognized for her innovative scholarship in outdoor and environmental pedagogy, ethics, and gender, has advocated and written about caring and compassionate leadership combined with expert outdoor skills since 1985. She authored Natural Environments and Human Health, and co-edited Experiential Education: Theory and Practice and The Palgrave International Handbook of Women and Outdoor Learning.