New Paradigms of Non Normal and Training to Failure: Training for Safety



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Presented by: Jeff Jackson

Webinar Date: February 22, 2016

Webinar Description:
The premise of this work: it is faulty logic to believe that training field staff for ‘normal’ operations will somehow prepare them to deal with ‘non normal’ events when they (inevitably) occur. Non normal would be considered anything beyond expected events or outcomes – a large catch all category that captures undesirable, unplanned or unexpected events. In particular, the focus will be on time-sensitive, safety critical behaviours. The premise of this work extends that if we want certain safety behaviours, then we need to show people the boundaries around such behaviours, and the repercussions of undesirable safety behaviours. There is theoretical and empirical evidence for this. This work is based on the presenter’s PhD research and application of industrial safety theory and findings.

Presenter Bio:
Jeff is a professor and coordinator of Algonquin College's Outdoor Adventure Program, a professional adventure guide training diploma, where he manages 14,000 student field days per year. He teaches courses in Leadership, Risk Management, Industry Analysis and Business Planning. He has worked as a guide, educator and manager since 1988, crossing a variety of disciplines, activities and corporate cultures.

His PhD work is in safety motivation and safety behaviour, with specific interest in work based safety culture and coworker influence. He speaks extensively on risk-related topics, and has contributions in several textbooks and published articles. Jeff is the co-author of Managing Risk, Systems Planning for Outdoor Adventure Programs. His consulting work has taken him around the world for tourism development, staff training and risk management projects. He has contributed expert opinion in legal cases and works with industry insurance providers, and is regularly sought for comment from media outlets.