More Than Autism: Neurodiversity and Sensory Processing

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Resource from webinar:
PowerPoint Presentation
Sensory Handout

Presented by: Lorilei Dreibelbis

Webinar Description:
We will look at experiential education through the lens of Sensory Integration Therapy vocabulary and explore the myriad of ways that our neurological diversity shapes our learning and teaching with real life stories and personal experience.

Looking at the great variety found in neurological processing, we rediscover that learning is inherently personal.  The study of Sensory Processing gifts us valuable vocabulary and a solid framework from which to not only embrace diversity, but identify very practical strategies for managing behaviors and teaching more effectively.  

Presenter Bio:
Lorilei Dreibelbis wears quite a few hats.  She is a challenge course facilitator, a classroom teacher, a swim instructor, a homeschooler, a Girl Scout, and the parent of an Autistic child named John.  She is an experienced AEE presenter and is passionate about helping educators and facilitators build their toolbox for working with students who have sensory processing differences.