Hiring For Racial Diversity

Presented by: Fleur Larsen

Length of Webinar: 1 hour

CEU / CEC's Available

Presentation Slides
Writing Better Job Ads
Recruitment Checklist Reducing Unconscious Bias
Reducing Unconscious Bias Job Descriptions
Masculine vs Feminine Coded Language
HR Equity Toolkit

Webinar Description:

This is an engaging webinar on hiring practices to increase racial diversity and ensure a supportive culture to retain your staff of color.
Recruitment and retention of people of color are often the biggest challenges organizations face when striving to increase racial diversity within their staff. A personal commitment and relationship to racial equity is the foundation for getting the results you are looking to create.

Presenter Bio:
Fleur Larsen started facilitating 20 years ago on challenge course programs with youth and adults. Today, Fleur’s work as a Seattle-based facilitator is focused on equity, social justice, diversity and inclusion, team building, emotional intelligence, experiential education and community development.