Bullying, Empathy, and Monkeys

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Presented by: Jeff Frigon

Webinar Description:
Empathy is directly linked to bullying; the more empathy we have, the more likely we are to be kind to one another and not bully (or be bullied).  By building healthy, empathetic communities and understanding the connection between empathy, fear, vulnerability, anonymity, and bullying, we can act in a preventative rather than a reactive way.  This workshop will  explore what the research shows to be effective and why using an interactive, multimedia approach.

Presenter Bio:
Jeff Frigon is the Youth & Student Programs Coordinator for The Browne Center for Innovative Learning and has been delivering adventure-based experiential programming since 1994. He holds a B.S. in Outdoor Education and Psychology from the University of New Hampshire & an M.S. in Experiential Education from the University of Minnesota at Mankato. Prior to joining The Browne Center in 2010, Jeff worked for Project Adventure as a trainer and youth facilitator and has worked extensively with at-risk and adjudicated youth both in the classroom and wilderness settings. His recent work highlights include facilitating Antibullying activities with over 4000 people at events in Massachusetts and New Hampshire & co-authoring an evidence/experiential-based Antibullying curriculum for middle school students.


Review of School-Based Anti-Bullying Programs

Note: In the School Based Anti-Bullying  Programs article(PDF attachment), please see page 64-70 for key, informative findings of the meta analysis.

Youtube videos:
Shayne Koyczan: “To this Day”


Shayne Koyczan Ted talk: (some profane language language)

Cogsai: Empathy

Brene Brown:

Sesame Street w/ Mark Ruffalo:

SELA (Social Emotional Learning in Action) by Tara Flippo:  Progressive curricula for building resilient and healthy SEL communities.  Designed for 45-60 minute classroom delivery. (email Jeff for a 20% off coupon)

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