AEE Southeast Region

Big thanks to all those who joined us this year at the 2019 Southeast Regional Conference!
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The Southeast Region includes the following states:

Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee

Our Professional Association: Association for Experiential Education (AEE)

Vision: We believe learning through experience positively transforms people and our world.
Mission: AEE promotes and expands the global capacity of experiential learning.

AEE, based in Denver, Colorado, is a nonprofit professional membership association organized to bring people together from around the globe to celebrate experiential learning. 

AEE offers a variety of services to help expand and enrich the experiential education community, including regional and annual conferences, defining professional standards, providing accreditation to organizations, and presenting the latest news and research through AEE E-news and the Journal of Experiential Education.

Be creative! We want you to share with the community what you are excited about, what you are working on, and information you feel others might be interested in.

Prior conferences have included such topics as:

  • Proper Training for Climbers
  • Finding art in nature
  • Lightning safety education for adventure programming
  • An introduction to home-scale permaculture
  • Metaphoric framing to better meet participant outcomes
  • An adventure in assessment
  • The Evergreen Community – Does experiential & environmental education have a place in today’s schools?
  • Creating a risk management system for adventure programming
  • Exploring social justice through experiential learning
Areas of focus:
  1. Many exciting workshop strand categories (see below – “About the Workshop”)
  2. Student Workshops!
    • Students, if you have something you are excited about, but are unsure about presenting on a topic at full length, we invite you to propose a 30 minute workshop in any of the full- length session strands/topics. We would like to make sure this experience is a comfortable environment to help develop your professional presentation skills.
    • Please note that you are a student when completing your proposal and we will pair you with a professional to serve as a coach for you. He/she will discuss your workshop prior to your presentation and answer any questions you might have. Your coach will also attend your workshop, take notes on your presentation, and provide immediate feedback following your presentation.
    • Professionals: We need coaches for our student presenters! Please select within your registration if you would be willing to be a student presenter coach.
    • Questions? Contact: Laura Baird at [email protected].


Rebecca L. Carver ABC's Award
Rebecca Carver was a dedicated and passionate experiential educator. She lost her life to cancer at a very young age but her passion for experiential learning lives on in the students she inspired during her life. Rebecca's work introduced the concept of the ABC's of Experiential Education. Rebecca viewed inspiring Agency, Belonging, and Competence as critical dimensions of the work of experiential educators. 

View more about this award!

Agency - represents the developing of students' personal agency - allowing individuals to become more powerful change agents in their lives and communities; increasing individuals' recognition and appreciation of the extent to which the locus of control for their lives is within themselves, and enabling them to use this as a source of power to generate activity.

Belonging - refers to developing and maintaining a community in which individuals share a sense of belonging - see themselves as members with rights and responsibilities, power and vulnerability; and learn to act responsibly, considering the best interests of themselves, other individuals and the group as a whole.

Competence - refers to the development of individual competence in a wide variety of areas (cognitive, physical, musical, social, etc.). Developing competence means learning skills, acquiring knowledge and attaining the ability to apply what is learned.
The Rebecca L. Carver Award is presented to an individual who actively promotes Agency, Belonging and Competence through her/his work in Experiential Education.

Your Southeast 2018-2019 Council and Conference Committee
To contact us, email [email protected] or send us a Facebook message!

  • Council Chair & acting Secretary: Eric Starkweather
  • Conference Convener: Renee Roark
  • Student Workshops & acting Treasurer: Laura Baird
  • Marketing and Communications: Christie Miga
  • State Representatives: Beth Dille (AL), Devin Kearns (NC)
  • Members-at-Large: Daniel Cape, Brad Daniel, Michael Misenheimer, Josh Orphanidys, Tara Tecce, Alex White
  • Workshops: Josh Orphanidys, Daniel Cape, Devin Kearns

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