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Recurring monthly group calls - (Schedule below) 8:00PM EST 

This is the time for regions to connect with each other and AEE throughout the conference season. The structure of the call will reflect the needs of the group; there may be a common topic on which an agenda is drafted and other times it may just be sharing and brainstorming.

How to join:

April Meeting Invitation Coming Soon!


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Regional Leadership Catch-Up Open Discussion

(On-site in Spokane)

Open Discussion


Open Discussion

Open Discussion

Open Discussion

Open Discussion

Open Discussion


(*Password is AEEREGIONAL!)


(Password is AEEREGIONAL!!)

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Recording Recording Invitation details coming soon! Recording


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Essentials Committee Organization Free Online Marketing Resources

2020 Volunteer Handbook


Google Drive - Keep your electronic files easily accessible, transferable and organized. Have specific questions about Google Drive? Discover more at Google Drive Help.

Pixabay - Royalty free stock photos

  • Think Shutterstock but free!
    Keep your audience and/or theme in mind while searching and downloading photos.

(previously CollaboratEE) Share ideas and connect across regions. Join your regional 'circle'. Instructions for contacting members in your region:

  • Log in as an AEE Member
  • In the Membership tab, Scroll down and click on 'Member Directory'
  • In the search bar (image attached for reference) click on 'Advanced Search'
  • Click the 'Select an Attribute' Dropdown bar and select City, State, or AEE Region to narrow your results. 
  • Search
  • Click on names to view member profiles and send direct messages!

Zoom -  Join your region online 24/7/365. Access your region's meeting room with the login credentials below.

Curious about Zoom features?
Learn more 


USERNAME: [email protected]

PASSWORD: AEEisawesome19!

Vectr - Vector graphics software

  • Use this tool to spruce up photos.
    Upload your own or stock photos found on Pixabay to create a fun image for your conference.
  • Or create your own design from scratch.


Click here for the Regional Conference Planning Checklist

A quick and easy to-do list of all things conference related!

Canva - Graphics software with pre-made templates

  • Check out all their fun templates for Facebook, Instagram, etc!
  • Automatically links to Pixabay free stock photo search engine!
  • Similar to Vectr with being able to enhance photos but with limitations
    If you want more control, edit photo in Vectr first and then upload to Canva for finishing touches.


Do you have content you'd like sent out to members in your region via an email blast? 

Do you have a social media post that you would like shared on the International AEE platforms?

Notice something on your regional website landing page that needs to be updated?

Reach out to Anna Miano for assistance!

Free Workflow Tools - Explore tools to keep your committee organized! - Shorten long urls with custom links


 Optional Outlook Email Accounts to Utilize:

Rocky Mountain:
PicResize - Need to quickly crop or resize a photo? This tool does the job.

    QR Code Generator - Quickly turn your url into a QR code.

Wix - Website builder with pre-made templates

  • Want a custom conference website? Build one with Wix.
    Custom links aren't available in the free version but you can always create a unique url with a
  • If a region would like a website that is fancier than this a volunteer must take on website responsibilities (build, keep current and accurate) using a free website builder, such as wix.


Bookmarks on this Page

Bookmarks on this page:
Creating a Budget & Budget Guidance Form

Contracting a Site

Creating a Host Committee
Hiring Vendors
Volunteer Reimbursement 
Service Crew 
On-site Transactions -
Workshop Selection and Evaluation
Post Conference Financials  
Useful Documents


Creating a Budget:
  • The budget for regional conferences is ideally submitted by the treasurer. After submission, the treasurer, conference convener and an AEE staff member will schedule a conference call to review and approve the budget together.
  • Use the spreadsheet below to fill in your expected expenditures and revenue.
  • All expenditures exceeding pre-approved budget lines must be submitted to AEE for approval.
  • All regions and groups are part of AEE as a single 501c3 nonprofit organization.
  • Note: When forming your budget, incorporate all levels of pricing (member/nonmember, early bird/regular/late, meal plan type, lodging type) that appear on the registration form. 
  • Creating a Budget
  •  Budget Guidance Form


Contracting a Site:
  • All contracts must be signed by an AEE staff member
  • The convener should secure a site proposal; including all applicable information regarding space rental, food and beverage minimums, room rates and lodging options. Once proposal is secured it should be submitted to AEE staff for review and signing.
  • All major facilities should be accessible to people with mobility impairments.
  • Due to the fluctuating nature of attendance it is ideal to have a cost per participant structure instead of one large lump facility rental fee.
  • For larger purchases such as site fees, please submit proof of AEE’s tax exempt status to the site

AEE Proof of Tax Exemption

Creating a Host Committee:
It is recommended that you have a solid group of volunteers dedicated to helping you make your conference a success. We strongly recommend having volunteers taking leadership roles in the following areas:
  • Convener: The Conference Convener serves as chairperson of the Host Committee. He or she is the lead facilitator of the entire conference planning and management process. See the full description.
  • Registration: Works with AEE HQ on getting online registration going, creates and implements a plan for on-site check-in, is responsible for name tag production.
  • Workshops/programming: Makes any updates to the Call for Proposals, collects workshop proposals, leads workshop selection and placement, communicates with workshop presenters, takes the lead on the workshop evaluation process.
  • Communications/Marketing/Outreach: Communicates web page needs with AEE, designs and sends outreach emails, updates social media pages
      Optional Host Committee members:
  •   Auction
  •   Sponsors/exhibitors
  •   Service Crew
  •   Entertainment/special events
  •   Keynotes/general session

Hiring a Vendor (entertainment, outside caterers, etc):
  • All contracts must be signed by AEE's ED. No other individual has authority to legally bind the organization.
  • To hire and contract a vendor, use the sample entertainment contract and fill in the information as it applies to your vendor. Submit to the Director of Conferences before your event. AEE will pay the vendor within 60 days upon completion of services.
  • All vendor contracts need to be submitted with a w-9 filled out by the vendor. AEE cannot make payment without a completed w-9 (linked in useful documents section).
Sample Entertainment Contract

AEE will not sell, consign or be involved in the sale of bookstore items at regional conferences or local symposiums. If a bookstore is valuable to your conference you can opt to have one provided it does not require involvement from AEE. 
A recommended option for conferences and symposiums who would like book sales at their event is to sell an exhibit space to a provider who has the ability to process sales on their own. AEE will not take a percentage of the sales but will only collect an exhibitor fee. 
Expense Reimbursement for Volunteers:
  • All expenses incurred by volunteers must be approved by the treasurer.
  • If an expense has been incurred by a volunteer (something AEE could not be invoiced for - ie office supplies, approved food, etc.) that volunteer must submit a Volunteer Expense Report along with copies of all itemized receipts to the treasurer who will approve and send to the AEE Director of Conferences
  • AEE does not reimburse for alcoholic beverages
  • There is a $300 limit per roundtrip flight on travel expenses. Please email expense reports [email protected]

See the full policy

Service Crew:
  • Members of the Service Crew receive a 30%-70% refund of their conference registration fee (not including housing, food, any additional expenses) based on number of hours worked.
  • Service Crew members must register for the conference at the full registration price and will receive their partial refund within 30 days of receipt of refund information from the region.
Track and submit Service Crew hours
There are very few cases in which AEE recommends hosting pre-conferences in conjunction with regional conferences. Due to the small percentage of participants who generally register for pre-conferences, they are often a time consuming task that not many people get to enjoy. Instead, we recommend really focusing in on your workshops and other conference activities that everyone can enjoy!
If you decide to host a pre-conference anyway, we require that you use the guidelines in this form when contracting a preconference provider.
Pre conference Sample Co

On-site Transactions
Ideally your site will have internet through which on-site registrants can use the AEE website to register for the conference or any housing that they may need to purchase/adjust. If you do need to process written on-site transactions, please use the form below to gather credit card information to send to AEE HQ.

Onsite Payment Processing Form

Workshop Selection & Evaluation
AEE strives to ensure that all of our professional development offerings are of high quality and relevance to our community.  

  • Recruitment: We typically use for our call for proposals.  Contact Anna Miano for current access info and form creation instructions. 
  • Selection: Quality over quantity...a selection process should be in place to ensure that all workshop proposals are properly vetted.  There is no requirement that an event have a certain number of workshops just to fill the space.  Here is an example of rubric that has been used in the past to rate workshop proposals.  AEE recommends utilizing multiple workshop reviewers to ensure a balanced perspective.
  • Evaluation: Please make sure that evaluations are offered to all audience members following each workshop.  Here is our current evaluation template.  If you do not wish to utilize the carbon paper option for eval duplication, you can create and populate on online evaluation template via google forms.  However you choose to accomplish this, both AEE and the individual presenters need access to evaluation records following your event.  There is also a more thorough presenter feedback form you can utilize as you see fit.

 Post Conference Financials:
Any registrations, donations, purchases made on-site should be sent to the FL offices as soon as possible (within 1-2 weeks post conference) so payments may be processed and paid.  

Money received by the region should be shipped to AEE office with a detailed description of each payment received. Please include all supporting documentation and/or expense receipts wherever possible. Copy all contents, track and insure the shipment.
Please do not ship cash; exchange cash for check or money order before shipping. 

See the full Financial Management Policy

Useful Documents