Complimentary AEE Webinars

Tag...You're it!
Presented by Michelle Cummings

Who doesn’t love a good game of tag?! In this free webinar, Michelle Cummings of Training Wheels will share several of her favorite tag games that can be used as icebreakers or energizers in your programs. A variety of games from small group, large group, and a few that target specific behaviors will be covered. On your marks, get set, GO!

Out of Our Corsets and Into the Woods
Presented by Denise Mitten, PhD

How many examples of female pioneers in outdoor leadership can you offer? Not many? How can we inspire women in the outdoors if we can't teach about inspiring women in the outdoors?

This well-researched, informal presentation looks at women adventures from the 1800s to the present. Learn about women you can use in your teaching and everyday conversation. Women highlighted include indigenous women, women of color, and physically challenged women as well as women from a variety of economic class backgrounds. Explore what motivated these adventurers and leaders, why some never recorded their adventures, and why others wrote about them 20 or more years later.

The Community Resilience Model: Wellness-Based Skills for Self-Regulation
Presented by Dr. Sandy Newes

The Community Resilience Model (CRM) is a set of six wellness-based skills specifically designed to reset the natural balance of the nervous system after traumatic events or chronic stress/anxiety have led to physiological dysregulation. Based on the neuroscience of trauma, Somatic Experiencing (SE), and the biology of brain resiliency, participants will be taught about the brain’s “resilient zone,” and how to apply these skills of self-regulation to return to “the zone” when activated.   Straightforward, practical and easily taught, CRM skills can be applied and utilized in all types of experiential programming, including schools.  They can also be used as a powerful tool for self-care.  

New Paradigms of Non Normal and Training to Failure: Training for Safety
Presented by Jeff Jackson

The premise of this work: it is faulty logic to believe that training field staff for ‘normal’ operations will somehow prepare them to deal with ‘non normal’ events when they (inevitably) occur. Non normal would be considered anything beyond expected events or outcomes – a large catch all category that captures undesirable, unplanned or unexpected events. In particular, the focus will be on time-sensitive, safety critical behaviours. The premise of this work extends that if we want certain safety behaviours, then we need to show people the boundaries around such behaviours, and the repercussions of undesirable safety behaviours. There is theoretical and empirical evidence for this. This work is based on the presenter’s PhD research and application of industrial safety theory and findings.

If We Were Brave: Managing Risk in Social Justice Training

Presented by Anna Czarnik-Neimeyer

It’s high-stakes: These days, effective social justice training is urgent. We’re an education coalition working to change/train minds & hearts towards justice, and need all the tools we can get. We’ll discuss Arao & Clemens’ foundational 2013 piece, “From Safe Space to Brave Spaces: A New Way to Frame Dialogue Around Diversity and Social Justice” and explore interdisciplinary theories supporting brave space. We’ll dig into practical activities, metaphors, comics, and videos to take home for immediate facilitation use. Great for beginner through advanced, and those interested in being more intentional & just facilitators in any setting: in the field, classroom, or boardroom.  


The Developing Adolescent Brain with Respect to Education and Safety Management
Presenter: Steve Creech
October 2015

Creative Problem Solving: How to Innovate on Demand
Presenter: Amy Climer
October 2015

Moving towards gender inclusive environments: How and why affirming gender non-conforming and trans* participants can help you in the field and beyond
Presenters: Meg Bolger and Perry Cohen
September 2015

Resources from Webinar
Genderbread Person & LGBTQ Umbrella

The Other End of a Skype Call
Presenter: Seth Leighton
June 2015


Wilderness to Virtual
Presenter: Matt Morin
April 2015