The Kurt Hahn Address

A speech given by an exceptional experiential educator

One cannot truly appreciate and understand the roots of experiential education, without studying the life and writings of Kurt Hahn (1886-1974). Hahn's personal experiences led him to make helping young people develop into healthy, happy, ethical and compassionate adults his life's calling. To that end, Hahn founded numerous colleges and programs dedicated to educating the whole person. The Kurt Hahn Address is presented annually by a person designated by the Board of Directors who has contributed to the development and advancement of experiential education with the tenacity and conviction exemplified by Kurt Hahn. 

Announcing our 2017 Kurt Hahn Address with Tony Alvarez!

Tony Alvarez will present the 2017 Kurt Hahn Address. He has a long history in AEE, helping build the Therapeutic Adventure Professional Group and presenting regularly at International Conferences and TAPG Best Practices conferences. He serves as lecturer and point person for the use of experiential, adventure and wilderness approaches to social work practice at the University of Michigan School of Social Work. His research focuses on the design of effective experiential & adventure-based programs for social workers in multiple settings and with diverse populations. He has written several articles on the application of adventure tools and techniques to social work practice and co-authored two books, Power of One: Using Adventure and Experiential Activities Within One on One Counseling Sessions and Power of Family: An Experiential Approach to Family Treatment. Tony taught courses for undergraduate students, exploring his research interests in facilitation models and in community-based youth empowerment program development.

Past Presenters

  • 2017 - Tony Alvarez (click for video)
  • 2016 - Jane Panicucci (click for video)
  • 2015 - Bill Proudman
  • 2014 - Karen Warren
  • 2013 - Laurie Frank
  • 2012 - Jasper Hunt
  • 2011 - Denise Mitten
  • 2010 - Jude Hirsch & Lee Gillis
  • 2009 - Cliff Knapp
  • 2008 - Bob Henderson
  • 2007 - Nina Roberts
  • 2006 - Peter Higgins
  • 2005 - Keith V. King
  • 2004 - Sanford Tollette
  • 2003 - Craig Dobkin
  • 2002 - Michael Gass
  • 2001 - Faith Evans
  • 2000 - Karl Rohnke
  • 1999 - Marianne Scippa
  • 1998 - Rita Yerkes
  • 1997 - Dan Garvey
  • 1996 - Tom Smith
  • 1995 - McClellan Hall
  • 1994 - Robert S. MacArthur
  • 1993 - Dick Kraft
  • 1992 - Bert Horwood
  • 1991 - Dan Conrad for Diane Hedin
  • 1990 - Gregory Farrell
  • 1989 - Richard O. Kimball
  • 1988 - Jim Kielsmeier
  • 1987 - Betty van der Smissen
  • 1986 - Alec Dickson
  • 1985 - Jolene Unsoeld for Willi Unsoeld
  • 1984 - Eliot Wigginton
  • 1983 - Joe Nold

Kurt Hahn Address Nominations
The Board of Directors, rather than the conference Host Committee or the Awards Committee, reviews the list of possible candidates (along with brief biographies) for the Kurt Hahn Address with the knowledge of the annual theme that has been selected for the topic of the address.

  1. Any four board members can add a person to the list of possible candidates with submission of the Nomination Form.
  2. An AEE member can suggest a person to be added to the list of potential candidates by completing Nomination Form and delivering this form to a current board member.