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The September 2017 issue (Vol. 40, No. 3) is now available online. This issue's contents are:

Letter From the Editor
Jayson Seaman


"Experientially Learning and Teaching in a Student-Directed Classroom"
Mary Breunig

"Unstable Ground: Unearthing the Realities of Experiential Education in Teacher Education"
Jocelyn Glazier, Cheryl Bolick, Christoph Stutts

"Applying Kolb’s Model to a Nontraditional Preservice Teaching Practicum"
Amy Burns, Patricia Danyluk

"Socio-Spatial Analysis of Study Abroad Students’ Experiences in/of Place in Morocco"
Jennifer M. Pipitone, Chitra Raghavan

"International Service-Learning: Rethinking the Role of Emotions"
Marianne A. Larsen

"The Challenge Course Experience Questionnaire: A Facilitator’s Assessment Tool"
David P. Schary, Alexis L. Waldron

"An Experiential Approach to Sport for Youth Development"
Tarkington J. Newman, M. Antonio G. Alvarez, Melissa Kim