Going High When Others Go Low

Calling Forth the Best in Each of Us to Create a World for All of Us: How Experiential Educators are “Going High When Others Go Low”
By: Marilyn Levin, MSW, author of Experiential Activities for a Better World
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Just this last week we had a fresh reminder that when confronted with a shared crisis like the “epic” Hurricane Harvey in my home state of Texas, we readily access the best of who we are - our courage, kindness, generosity and tenacity. Our best qualities bridge divides and help us rise above the legitimate complaints, injustices, and crises that are part of the human experience. They also enable us to break free of the norms of shame, blame, pettiness and polarization that perpetuate our suffering.

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The World is [Not] Yours

The World Is [Not] Yours
Submitted by Annie Peuquet with Felipe Correa and Seth Leighton of Envoys (www.envoys.com)

Picture Sarah, a high school student who has the opportunity and interest to travel abroad with her school. Sarah is studious, kind-hearted, and active in her school community. She decides to go to Kenya, where she explores the country, meets local children, and makes great friends. She comes home, posts all her photos on social media, writes down the highlights so she can use them on a college application essay later, and then largely settles back in to life as it had always been. 

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Harnessing the Power of Empathy in the Classroom & Implications for Experiential Educators

Harnessing the Power of Empathy in the Classroom & Implications for Experiential Educators
Submitted by Ritch Hochstetler, President & CEO of uLEAD, Inc.

“Changing the mindset of one teacher can change the social experience of that child’s entire world,” according to social psychologist Jason Okonofua of Stanford University.

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