Get to Know the AEE Board of Directors!

Meet the AEE Board of Directors!

AEE Board Members: They're Just Like Us!

In this blog post, we interviewed our 10 incredible board members. We asked them everything from how they take their coffee, to what advice they have for incoming Experiential professionals, to where they'd go if they won a ticket to anywhere in the world. Now, let's meet the Board!

Where did you grow up?

Chey: Michigan — the Lower Peninsula
Anita: The Jersey Shore in Rumson New Jersey
Lise: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Kris: Michigan
Geraldine: La Paz, Bolivia and Paud in Maharashtra, India.
Trevor: Guangdong, China
Marin: Mostly in Wisconsin - born in North Dakota
Carla: I was born in Duluth, Minnesota, lived for 7 years in Quebec, 3 years in Pennsylvania and moved to Wisconsin when I was 12 where I lived on the family farm until leaving for college.
T: Southeastern Massachusetts
Rod: Brisbane Queensland Australia

 Where do you live now?

Chey: Michigan
Anita: York Maine on the southern Maine Coast.
Lise: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Kris: New Mexico
Geraldine: Madison, Wisconsin
Trevor: Hong Kong Island
Marin: Greensboro, North Carolina
Carla: Madison, WI
T: Beckley, West Virginia
Rod: Kenilworth Queensland Australia

What's the best hike you've ever been on?

Chey: Climbing up to the Mu Tian Yu section of the Great Wall of China
Anita: Mt. Washington in New Hampshire
Lise: Superior Lake Trail
Kris: The Colorado trail
Geraldine: Zunil Volcano in Guatemala
Trevor: Tian Shan, Xinjiang, China
Marin: Long's Peak!
Carla: The most memorable was the hike of a Thousand Falls in Mount Robson Provincial Park in British Columbia, CA
T: Mt Kilimanjaro
Rod: Tour Mont Blanc

I joined AEE in...

Name 3 things on your bucket list:

Chey: More travel, more travel, more travel!
Anita: See a safari in Africa, Hike the Appalachian Trail from Vermont to NH to Maine.
Lise: travel to China again with my son, master the art of making Kombucha, and improve my confidence as a storyteller
Kris: 800 mile trail in balkans, paddle in Siberia, read a good book
Geraldine: Become a DJ, visit and learn about Hypathia legacy in Alexandria in Egypt and learn how to drive (yes, a car!)
Trevor: Set up an experiential learning centre in HK for The ISF Academy; help to organize an AEE conference in HK; learn Chinese painting
Marin: Tons of travel locations, Giving a TedTalk, escaping the southern humidity by escaping to a northern state for the whole summer
Carla: Climb to the cab of a tower crane, Meet my first grandchild, Hike the trail that travels throughout Lichtenstein.
T: Visit the seven continents; Visit all 50 states (5 to go); be a member of the eight AEE regions in North America (five down!)
Rod: Climb Matterhorn, Hike Haute Route, Ride the Tevis

Are you a dog or a cat person? (very important question, we know.)

What's your favorite AEE conference memory? (Yes, pick ONE!)

Chey: Waking up early in Montreal and walking through gentle snowfall. Feeling hopeful. Feeling excited. Feeling as though I walked on the precipice of possibility.
Anita: Each year I get to room with Dr. Christine Norton, who has become my best friend, and all these experiences are full of rich, fun and adventurous memories.
Lise: so many....dreaming big ideas with co-workers is always my favourite part of the AEE conference
Kris: Skipping a session and hanging with Jay in Montreal
Geraldine: Randomly pose with a smile on a stick everywhere we felt like with Maurie Lung at the AEE Conference in Monterrey, Mexico!
Trevor: Teamworks in the Final Challenge
Marin: Annual dance fest with Mary and Mo
Carla: Traveling to and presenting with two dear friends in Montreal.
T: Presenting the Karl Rohnke Award to my mentor/guide/advisor/friend Jude Hirsch at the 2018 International Conference in Orlando
Rod: Riding bike through Chattanooga with AEE board members

When you aren't working, we can find you...

Chey: With my animals or their fiber… or traveling.
Anita: Skiing or by the ocean
Lise: Outside with my 9-year old son....cross country skiing, cycling, hiking or looking for rocks
Kris: Hopefully you can. I’ll be wandering the planet in dec and beyond
Geraldine: dancing to live music, in great conversations and laughs with people, dance-cleaning by myself an sticking spontaneous poetry verses, emerging questions and carpe diem ideas at home
Trevor: Country parks in HK
Marin: Drinking good wine and eating good food with my husband, kids, and friends
Carla: Sipping coffee, walking my dog or knitting with friends.
T: You can't... I'm hiding out!!!
Rod: Paying horse bills

It's your turn at Karaoke. What are you singing?

Chey: Ice Cream by Sarah McLachlan
Anita: Don't do karaoke
Lise: What's Up - Four Non Blondes
Kris: The gambler
Geraldine: Si tu no vuelves de Miguel Bose, Bidi Bidi Bom Bom de Selena, or Smooth Operator from Sade
Trevor: Cantonese song: 莫再悲莫再傷
Marin: I don't really do karaoke-but I will randomly bust out into song
Carla: Gathering of Spirits
T: Friends in Low Places - Garth Brooks
Rod: Hotel California

What advice do you have for someone entering the field of Experiential Education? 

Chey: Know yourself and continue to meet yourself year after year. We best serve each other when we are self-reflective and constantly learning.
Anita: It is full of amazing people, and if you see someone you always wanted to meet, introduce yourself.
Lise: Enter with curiosity, practice humility and create meaningful and safe spaces for reflection
Kris: Get ready for a big world
Geraldine: Believe in and nurture your intrinsic power for creating experiences. Be humble and reflective as well as bold and collaborative. Be inquisitive about the original sources of knowledge and practices, specially when a resource eludes to an ancestral and/or indigenous knowledge. Make sure you ask for permission of use for such knowledge. Build authentic relationships with people and organizations that put you in the growth zone, if possible travel to places where you are not the dominant culture and practice being humble to learn and grow. Enjoy learning, laugh at your shortcomings, apologize when needed, and build better practices from what you learned before.
Trevor: Work in Outward Bound for a few years
Marin: Align your passion with your gifts and the rest will work out
Carla: Develop a facilitation style that is reflective of who you are.
T: Be authentic and find your voice: the power of EE is that every individual has something to offer and you have the opportunity to impact those around you
Rod: Become a member of AEE, then jump in and swim like hell.

How do you take your coffee? 

Chey: Cream and Splenda (I’m getting old)
Anita: extra cream
Lise: Black
Kris: Cold brewed on nitro
Geraldine: Black with sugar.
Trevor: I like Chinese tea more, hot in a cup would be the best
Marin: Straight up
Carla: With cream
T: I drink tea (I don't drink coffee... I heard it will stunt my growth)
Rod: Black

You've won a ticket to anywhere in the world. Where are you going? 

Chey: Back to Egypt…No, back to China…No, back to Guatemala…No, wait…this isn’t fair…Make it an east to west round the world ticket. Then I might be satisfied.
Anita: Italy
Lise: China
Kris: New Zealand
Geraldine: Alexandria, Egypt.
Trevor: The moon
Marin: New Zealand
Carla: New Zealand
T: Mongolia
Rod: Chamonix

What is one of the most valuable lessons you have learned from your work in Experiential Education?

Chey: I have learned that the body and the mind are both inextricably tied to experience. Lived experience has a profound effect on interpretation and can be life changing. The clarity that can be found when a person has the space and time to engage the body and the mind simultaneously on tasks and ideas that are outside and alongside those things that occupy us daily can be exactly the level of clarity that we need to attend to the most pressing concerns in our world.
Anita: Experiential Education is just damn good teaching.
Lise: This is a really hard question, as this field teaches me valuable lessons everyday. I have learned to slow down, to be silly, to listen, to be authentic, to be curious, to notice.....
Kris: Experience is a state of mind not just body
Geraldine: I/We am/are always becoming as Maxine Green will say ...
Trevor: it's powerful and enjoyable work worth my life time contribution
Marin: Critical thinking, how to solve problems and adapt and flex and love your life....oh wait; just one lesson?
Carla: Create an atmosphere that is intentionally inclusive and have fun!
T: Trust the process
Rod: There is so much more to a person than what we see or perceive

Ok, last question. Why is AEE important to you?

Chey: AEE is the umbrella organization for Experiential Education and Learning worldwide. This organization is home to change makers who will be leading us into a future that I want to be part of. AEE opens doors that will allow people to know themselves and each other in profound and intentional ways. AEE is the future, and I want to be part of that grand hope.
Anita: It is my professional home, where other professional who share the same passion for EE can be found. AEE's focus on social justice helps keep me focused on the reasons we do the work we do. It is all about the clients and students with whom we work.
Lise: It is energizing, it is where I have met and will meet my best buds, it's inclusive and makes perfect sense for my ongoing professional learning.
Kris: It advocated for what we so desperately need more of in education
Geraldine: Experiential Education would benefit of a global cross-pollination hub for experiential educators, facilitators, researchers, therapists, authors, administrators and practitioners to learn from each other and re-define how can individuals and communities heal, collaborate and thrive. My hope is for AEE to become/evolve into such a space, one that interconnects fields and practices of experiential education across borders.
Trevor: AEE is a big home out of my home
Marin: AEE was where I grew up professionally - it's family
Carla: It welcomes in a diverse group of practitioners from many fields.
T: Despite the numerous moves I have made, and the challenges I have faced, AEE has been one of the few consistent aspects in my life. I don’t necessarily mean that only from the literal sense, in that AEE as an organization continues to be present and I continue to be an active member; rather, there is the figurative sense, where the connections I have made and the community I have been blessed to be a part of remains a constant in my day-to-day life. That connection comes through those small acts of kindness and caring that I receive, typically out of the blue. (ActivatEE, 2017)
Rod: Our practice needs a peak body helping practitioners, researchers and providers develop and enhance the field.

Want to learn even more about our Board? Check out their full bios [HERE]
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