AEE is a collection of extraordinary, impactful, compassionate individuals. Through our efforts, we create a better educational experience for children. We foster life-changing opportunities for adults, young and old. We build better relationships among groups of people. We change lives.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, AEE can use your help. Make a contribution today to support these important initiatives. Together, we can have an even greater impact upon our field and in society. How? We provide:

1. Training and professional development for emerging educators and practitioners

2. Research on outcomes and effectiveness of experiential education in critical areas
3. Promotion of the value and impact of experiential education to public audiences and stakeholders

Did You Know?

The Association for Experiential Education was founded in 1972, and currently has hundreds of members from around the world. Our members influence and inspire over one million individuals each year, with our accredited programs working with over 300,000 people annually.
We are asking you to support the evolution of AEE as we impact experiential learning worldwide. This is our movement in promoting experiential learning, adventure education, social justice and the healing nature of the outdoors. Our aim is to raise over $100,000 and to have at least 50% of our membership give by November, 2020.


Below are our giving levels:

$5000 – Transformative (FREE advertising package as well as ALL of the below)

$1000 – Leadership (Your name or logo on next year’s conference materials as well as ALL of the below)

$500 – Challenge (Social Media shout out, I Supported the Movement button and AEE sticker)

$150 – Community (I Supported the Movement button and AEE sticker)

$50 – Supporting (AEE sticker)

$______ - Creative (Choose your own level of support)



There are More Ways to Support the Movement!

1. Join AEE  and become part of a dynamic network of individuals who believe that the core of learning is greatly enhanced by experiential practices. (Plus, you'll get access to tons of amazing member benefits!)

2. Host a playdate/workshop/training or provide a product/service and donate a percent of your proceeds to AEE (contact us!)

Why Support The Movement?

Marin Burton’s story


Why I support the movement at AEE:

I am choosing to financially support AEE because it is where I grew up professionally. I went to my first regional conference while I was an undergraduate student. I went to my first international conference when I graduated college and was looking for a professional community… and a job. I lead my first professional conference workshop at AEE and then about one a year since then. I got my first real volunteer experience as a member and then co-chair of the southeast regional council. I was on the council of regional chairs and then served on the board. I grew up here. While I wasn’t in the financial position to give to a significant level during most of those growing up years, I still gave what I could. I’m in a different financial position now and am excited to have the privilege to give back to the organization that served as the incubator for my professional growth.
I’m sure like many or most of you, AEE has also been a family for me. In addition to the professional connections I made, I’ve also made friendships I will cherish forever. Please join me in investing in AEE. I will match your donation for up to $10,000. Give back like me, or pay it forward, or give for the first time – AEE needs our investment in sustaining this organization that has given us so much. I support the movement! 

Your donation to AEE may be tax deductible. Please contact your tax advisor for more information. 

 Amazon Smile 


AmazonSmile is a website operated by Amazon with the same products, prices, and shopping features as The difference is that when you shop on AmazonSmile, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to the charitable organization of your choice. 

We hope you will consider adding the Association for Experiential Education to your Amazon account.
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