COVID-19, Where, Oh Where, is the Silver Lining? Finding Our Way Forward in the New Normal 

April 7, 2020

Webinar Description: A structured conversation for CEOs/Executive Directors about what to do now, soon, and after the Covid Crisis. 

You’ll leave this webinar with:

·       Insights into your peer’s unique pandemic responses

·       Pitfalls to avoid learned from the Great Recession

·       Tips to get you ahead of the game in the new normal

·       Inspiration to create a bright future for your organization

Resources: Power Point Presentation 

Video Time Stamp 16:09 Collaborative Brainstorm -  What advantages might develop? (Activities, relationships, operations, system-wide)


Presented by: Karen Eber Davis & Sherry Bagley

About Karen: 

Most nonprofits struggle to obtain adequate revenue. Advisor-author Karen Eber Davis guides nonprofit CEOs and EDs to build frameworks that generate the resources nonprofits need so they can focus on their missions. She is the author of Let’s Raise Nonprofit Millions Together and 7 Nonprofit Income Streams. In 2012, Karen wrote a white paper, Nonprofit Income Innovation During the Great Recession, Lessons for Stormy Weather, based on interviews with CEOs. She’ll share what she learned on April 7. 

About Sherry:

Sherry Bagley is the Executive Director of the Association for Experiential Education. In this role she gets to assist in the elevation and expansion of experiential education by building an inclusive and accessible community; supporting research and programs; and presenting resources to public audiences. Her career path has taken some hard turns from driving tug boats in the Marshall Islands to catering weddings on the beach. She found her true calling when she began working in the experiential education field 11 years ago. She can often be found out on or in the water swimming, fishing, boating, kayaking, snorkeling and scalloping.   She lives in St. Petersburg, Florida in a 100 year old house with her amazing husband, 2 great kids, 2 polite dogs and 2 ridiculous cats.