Council on Research and Evaluation

The vision of the Council on Research and Evaluation (CORE) is to facilitate the validation and advancement of experiential education by identifying and promoting research, evaluation and evidence-based practices.

CORE's mission is to provide access to resources and support through technology, education and networking opportunities to promote research and evaluation in experiential practices.

CORE Council Chair: Vacant

Highlights of CORE Accomplishments & Initiatives:

Ongoing development of web-accessible information about research and evaluation (R&E) that is presented in an accessible, organized manner, including: annotated web links, lists of experts in the field, access to relevant research and more.

  • Support for Research and Evaluation of Adventure Programming (REAP) and co-sponsorship of the Annual REAP Symposium.
  • Support for the annual Symposium on Experiential Education Research (SEER) and the research strand of workshops at the AEE International Conference.
  • Facilitated the inclusion of experiential education language in the National Institute on Drug Addiction’s (NIDA) call for research.
  • Established relationships with ACCT, NOLS, ACA and other external organizations that will support the furthering of CORE’s mission and vision.
  • Networking with AEE Professional, Affiliation and Regional Groups to better address member R&E needs.
  • AEE Whitepapers