2017 AEE International Conference

At AEE, we aim to inspire collaboration among individuals with different backgrounds and perspectives, connect experiential education professionals around the world and build your professional knowledge and competency. With more than 700 practitioners, teachers, therapists, facilitators, trainers, students and administrators in attendance, the AEE International Conference is your #1 opportunity to connect, share and grow.

November 9-11, 2017 | Montreal, Quebec, Canada
“I am inspired by the work i saw others do and the tools i've discovered. I feel more confident in my opinion of the value of experiential education in my work as a counselor after being surrounded by people who use it and value it equally.”
“This conference did an excellent job at helping me feel excited to go back to work: connecting with this many people doing great work was excellent.”
“I am more aware of what is happening in this field and the many subcultures that are a part of the bigger picture. I feel more confident as a result of putting various strategies into practice in a non-threatening (in fact, very encouraging!) environment.”
“I’ve been in the industry for 6 years but this is the first time I’ve attended a conference and I feel like I truly found ‘my people’.”
“There was enough variety that one had to be thoughtful about attendance and pick wisely but this also meant you were not disappointed at any session slot.”
“There's a large sense of community and an open discussion of new ideas at the International Conference.”

More Info About the Conference

Rates - Take a peek at conference pricing.

Schedule - An overview of conference happenings day-by-day.

Travel and Lodging - Our host hotel is Le Centre Sheraton Montreal. Book with AEE and receive a discounted rate while supporting the association.

Pre-Conferences -  Add to your conference experience by participating in a pre-conference. We have some really exciting options this year!

Workshops - The International Conference offers over 100 workshops. Check back on this page for updates on confirmed presentations.

Service Crew - The Service Crew is the heart and soul of the International Conference. Working for the service crew means networking, saving on conference costs and energizing the conference.

ActivatEE - An innovative, reflective model and sharing platform featuring YOU, our conference attendee. Find out more information and submit an entry.

Vendors and Sponsors - No other conference in the world offers you more direct contact with outdoor, adventure, classroom, corporate and therapeutic experiential educators. Promote your business by advertising at the International Conference.

Keynotes - Information about this year's keynote and Kurt Hahn Address.

CEUs and Scholarships - AEE offers scholarships to current members who otherwise might not be able to attend the annual conference. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are optional for all who attend the conference.

Justification Letter - Cautious spending has become the norm for many organizations. However, the need for education, training, networking and growth still remains a priority for any industry professional. To assist you in gaining your supervisors support, AEE has created a basic template to assist you in making your case for attending the 45th AEE International Conference. AEE realizes that the goals for attending the conference will differ from one attendee to another so we have provided certain benefits of attending, but recommend that you add specific details as far as how the conference offerings may support your professional growth as well as benefit your organization.

Kurt Hahn Address - The Kurt Hahn Address is presented annually by a person designated by the Board of Directors who has contributed to the development and advancement of experiential education with the tenacity and conviction exemplified by Kurt Hahn.