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Nominations for 2019 AEE Conference Awards are now CLOSED


The Michael Stratton Practitioner's Award - Maria Jose (Mache) Trevino
Karl Rohnke Creativity Award - Jude Hirsch
Servant Leader Award - Joe Austin
Organizational Member of the Year Award - Minnesota State University, Mankato
Distinguished Researcher Award - Jayson Seaman

There are many outstanding, often unsung, experiential practitioners whose high standards, commitment and contributions have inspired others to dream and to act. AEE Awards recognize individuals and organizations for their contributions to the theory of experiential education and their service to AEE.

As conceived by AEE's Board of Directors, the awards process is driven by AEE members.

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AEE Awards Committee

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The Michael Stratton Practitioner's Award
Karl Rohnke Creativity Award
Servant Leader Award
Organizational Member of the Year Award
Distinguished Researcher Award

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Betty Van der Smissen Research Endowment Fund: 

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