AEE Accredited Programs

Browse the current roster of Accredited Programs by category. Programs are listed alphabetically within category, with date of initial accreditation provided.

Wilderness / Adventure Programs 

        Boojum Institute For Experiential Education: 5/19/2006

    Camp Joy: 12/20/2011


    Deer Hill Expeditions: 11/1/2001

  International Wilderness Leadership School: 11/5/2008

 Kroka Expeditions: 10/31/2013

    National Outdoor Leadership School: 2/9/1995

 Nature's Classroom: 11/1/2006

  National Center for Outdoor & Adventure Education: 10/20/2015

   Outward Bound Hong Kong: 11/2/2011

    Pali Institute: 11/6/2007  

 Pathfinder Outdoor Education Inc.: 11/9/1998

 Philadelphia Outward Bound School: 8/31/2017

   Santa Fe Mountain Center: 11/2/2000

    Solid Rock Outdoor Ministries: 11/1/2006

University & College Programs

   Brown Outdoor Leadership Training: 5/10/1998

CSUN Recreation and Tourism Management  CUSN Recreation and Tourism Management: 5/18/2018

   Department of Outdoor Education & Outdoor Center at Georgia College: 11/24/1997

 Greenfield Community College Outdoor Leadership Program: 11/9/1998 

   Harvard First-year Outdoor Program: 11/2/2000

    Prescott College: 5/23/1997


    Sterling College: 5/18/2007

   University of New Hampshire Outdoor Education Program:  8/1/1996


   University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: 11/7/2002


   University of North Carolina at Greensboro Team Quest : 1/25/2010


Utah Valley University       Utah Valley University: 4/3/2012


K-12 Programs


   Chadwick School: 8/2/1996 


    Colorado Rocky Mountain School: 5/12/2003

  Eagle Rock School & Professional Development Center: 5/20/2005

   French Broad River Academy: 8/30/2013

    High Mountain Institute: 11/7/2002


   Santa Barbara Middle School : 5/12/2003

   Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School: 11/1/2012

   The Link School: 2/24/2010

  Westminster Schools:  10/28/1999

   White Mountain School: 11/3/2010 


Therapeutic Programs



  ANASAZI Foundation:  4/9/2015 

Aspiro Logo

Aspiro:  9/4/2015


Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness: 5/20/2005


Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center: 2/29/1996


  Elements Wilderness Program:  7/17/2015 


Evoke at Cascades: 3/10/2016


Evoke at Entrada: 9/4/2015


   Inner Harbour Hospitals Ltd.:  10/28/1999

   Leadership Experiential Adventure Program (LEAP): 6/26/2009

Legacy Outdoor Adventures: 5/13/2016

Marimed Foundation: 3/10/2016

New Directions Youth and Family Services: 5/21/2004

New Vision Wilderness: 1/22/2016

Open Sky Wilderness Therapy: 11/5/2014

Outback Therapeutic Expeditions: 7/18/2016

RedCliff Ascent: 9/4/2015

Red Top Meadows: 10/28/1999


Summit Achievement: 2/25/2015

SUWS of the Carolinas: 1/22/2016

Wendigo Lake Expeditions Inc./Project D.A.R.E.: 11/12/2003

Corporate Team Building & Training

    Project Adventure:  2/10/1995