The 2020 AEE International Conference

From November 12-14, 2020, AEE hosted our 48th Annual International Conference where over 700 attendees from around the world came together to network, connect, learn, and collaborate with one another.  Because the conference was entirely virtual, we were able to record workshops, keynotes, and events and make them available for on-demand viewing

Available Now: The 2020 Virtual International Conference On-Demand Library! 


$35 for AEE Members (not a member? Join now!)*if you purchase at the non-member price and then become a member, you will not be refunded for the difference. Please join as a member before completing the form!

$50 for Non AEE Members 


What Exactly is Included?

View The PDF of What’s Included Here

View The 64 Workshops Included Here


What our Attendees Are Saying:

"I was really motivated and shocked that a virtual conference could be so interactive and inspiring!"

"I felt refreshed and gain new knowledge from the sessions I joined as well as having a better understanding of what is happening internationally."

"Inspired!  Encouraged! Excited about continuing my work with students and staff!  I found my people!  Thank you so very much!"

"I thought it was a great conference, by far the best virtual conference I’ve attended so far this year. I was expecting to gain a lot from the conference but it honestly surpassed my expectations"

"I thought the organization did a wonderful job transitioning to the Zoom world while still being able to deliver on the conference experience."

"I was surprised by how connected I felt to others at the conference even though everyone was virtual. It was a nice refreshing change from the Pandemic."

"My expectations were exceeded. I attended some of the most engaging virtual workshops I’ve ever been to. I did not expect to be able to sit through a 3 and a half hour workshop and feel fully engaged, but the presenters made it easy. Thank you for putting it together!"

"Very uplifted and excited. Learned new things that I can take into the classroom with me right away."

"I discovered an amazing and sincere community. I connected with people who will be able to help me in my journey and with whom I want to create something, even though they are on the other side of the globe."

"I felt so much better after the conference, rejuvenated, reinvigorated, and with new skills to apply to online structured activities/workshops/etc."